Mummy Escape - Jam submission

This is the final version for the Scream Zone game jam submission “Mummy Escape”. In this game you play a mummy that wants to flee the pyramid. You need to collect 4 organs and find the exit while evading traps and enemies.

Since the last update the UI got an overhaul, as did some play mechanics like the light source and slingshot.

  • The player now spawns with a weak light source; Find a lamp to see more of your surroundings
  • Before you can shoot by pressing space, you now need to find the slingshot hidden somewhere on the map
  • A lot of trapps and enemies have been added on the map
  • The HUD now also shows missing items like organs/lamp and slingshot
  • The menu and winning screen got some art

That’s all for now. During the next week this entry will be locked for review and rating.

Any feedback is welcome. After the rating period we may continue improving some game aspects.

Have fun playing :)

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Oct 23, 2020

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