Oicana v1

Oicana is a submission for Mini Jam 71

It is a mixture of Tower defense, Puzzle and Taming game genres.

Colorless puzzle pieces are invading a beautiful landscape. With the help of your defense systems you can force them to show their true colors. Once you beat them, they try to run for the nearest color cloud. In this moment you can catch them and use them as pieces for new towers or tower upgrades.

How far can you get? The pieces will get tougher over time!


mini_jam_71_web_v1.0.0.zip Play in browser
Jan 10, 2021
mini_jam_71_linux_v1.0.0.zip 13 MB
Jan 10, 2021
mini_jam_71_macOS_v1.0.0.dmg 14 MB
Jan 10, 2021
mini_jam_71_windows_v1.0.0.zip 12 MB
Jan 10, 2021

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