Colourless puzzle pieces are invading a beautiful landscape. With the help of your defence systems, you can force them to show their true colours. Once you beat them, they try to run for the nearest colour cloud. At this moment you can catch them and use them as pieces for new towers or tower upgrades.

How far can you get? The pieces will get tougher over time!

The downloadable files have sound and better performance ;)

This game was a submission for Minijam 71 with the theme "Puzzles" and the restriction "Combine two different game genres"



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I was checking out games made in Rust and played this for a straight hour. At some point I stopped needing tower upgrades, I guess? So I'm just chilling right now with a score above 20 million, but with a tired wrist (probably wasn't the best idea lol), but it was fun!

Pretty cool!

I wish the colors were a little more visually distinct. Blue/green/varoius shades of gray are a bit close, IMHO.

And it seems like the RNG can be a bit brutal. Maybe you could throw the player a bone in the beginning of the game and just prevent too long of a stream without generating a needed shape?

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, the colour scheme is a bit problematic, but I am really bad at choosing/recognising colours. If you have a nicer pallette in mind please share :)

Thanks for that idea. I guess I could add some logic to check for almost complete towers and help out a bit.

Played up to 1.6 million, then it got kind of stale

fun game :)

That’s impressive, nice! I think that should be the current record :)


nice one ! after 500K my brain melted ^^

Thank you for playing. 500k is pretty good! I hope your brain is fine again ;)

Yes lol !

I find that the turret hitbox should be slightly wider, sometimes in a rush it gets a bit tricky.

it makes me want to test on a smartphone, with several fingers at the same time.

Really cool game who made me play again and again!

I just think it would have been nice to explain we need to drag and drop the ennemies, once colored to the turrets to improve them, as it took me a bit of time to understand that :)

Oh, and maybe also indicate the turret level, to know which ones to upgrade first :)

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Glad you like it :)

We will work on some explanations and displaying the tower lever is also planned.

Thanks for the feedback :)

So... My game is broken

oh, wow. Sorry about that. Could you give us some more info about the situation? Which build are you using? If you are using the web build, which browser?

Such a fun game but damn it's hard to aim properlly. I think that the only downside is that towards the end (idk what is end game, but towards 300 000) when the game gets harder and harder, it feels like you can't do anything but you don't really die instantly so it changes the pace of the game. Other than that fantastic game!

Thank you for the feedback :) Adjusting the difficulty of puzzles/tower damage and enemy health came very short due to the game effectively being made in two days. I will try to improve on that.

The game looks and plays beautifully! The dynamic of managing your turrets at the same time you chase the right shapes to upgrade them plays very interesting. The coloful visuals also add a lot to the game!

If you'd allow me to write some constructive criticism, I'd say the game should have a better "last resort" mechanic, because from my experience, once the turrets can't keep up with the shapes, the shapes start to destroy your base, but because you can't color all the shapes, you can't upgrade your turrets, so it's basically game over. It would be cool to see some mechanic to be used "in a pinch".

Other than that, I think the gameplay is innovative and great! Congratulations!

Yes, that’s definitely an improvement for after the Jam review period.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to criticize! I am happy you like the game :)

Cool game

Thank you :)